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Donna provides an all-encompassing online platform where women+ can find compelling educational content combined with a wide range of medical-grade solutions for their intimate health.

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Dear Donna is our blog especially for you. There you will find science-backed insights into women’s+ health, with lots of tips for a wholesome lifestyle. Taboos are not going to stop us!

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Silvia Winter

Master of Pharmacy, Donna Pharmacy Manager

Silvia is passionate about her role as a pharmacist, firmly believing that her work can significantly enhance health outcomes and improve quality of life for individuals. With a deep sense of empathy, she strives to comprehend the unique needs of each patient, ensuring that they receive personalized care.

Health is a priceless treasure that needs constant nurturing and protection throughout life’s various stages. Embrace self-love, believe in your inherent capabilities, and unlock the door to infinite potential and growth.

Lenka Laguna Juarez

Master of Pharmacy

An enthusiastic pharmacist at heart with 10 years of experience working in pharmacy and a constant desire to expand her knowledge and skills. Lenka always has an open ear for your health problems and is happy to help you.

“Every human being is unique and beautiful. Be yourself. Take care of your health since we only have one…”

Matic Dolinar

Master of Pharmacy, Global Brand Manager

Inspired by modern technologies and people who are passionate about what they do in their lives, driven by curiosity and innovation, a people-person, always excited about what the future holds. Matic Dolinar specializes in pharmaceuticals for women’s health.

“When you live in harmony with yourself, you will feel happy and whole. With Donna, we are here to help you be the best you.”

Kristina Tekavec

Donna’s Managing Director and Psychologist

Interdisciplinarity comes to life with our Psychologist and Operations Manager Kristina, who always puts people first. Her background in psychology, HR, digital solutions, analytics and business drives the implementation of Donna’s vision and mission – to become the best version of ourselves.

“I believe that our true strength comes from within. Set your mind free of limits, believe in yourself and you will be able to overcome any challenge that comes your way.”



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